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Why buy a projector lamp for your children?
Bring a piece of the universe for kids
Have your kids ever laid down on the ground, looked up at the night sky, and wondered how large the universe really is?
If you live in a city, your kids might not see a starry night at all. As towns and cities continue to get brighter, natural darkness is becoming an endangered resource
The night sky holds a lot of interesting things for us to see, even without the aid of a telescope. And that’s probably why so many people love the star projector.

Good night, sleep light
Starry sky night lights are ideal for children of all ages. Babies can be lulled to sleep with the rotation of the projection lamp. Toddlers and preschoolers can enjoy a bedtime story followed by star projection. Younger children who might be afraid of the dark can be comforted by the show that gently illuminates the entire room instead of having a small night light in a corner.

Safe & Eco-friendy
What's your first concern while buying a toy or gift for your baby? Safety it is. Our Baby Night Light uses 1. USB rechargeable design. You don't need to buy batteries or be worried about your baby playing with batteries. Just charge the Night Lights for Kids by connecting the USB cable to a PC or power bank. It'll last for hours. 2. Safe material ABS and PC, kids can touch and play with Star Projector Lamp safely. Both designs are also eco-friendly.

Enjoy Bedtime
Is your child afraid of the darkness? Is your kid's bedroom light too bright to fall asleep? The Wivic Moon Star Projector will be a perfect addition to your baby's bedroom. The Star Night Light can create a relaxing and magical atmosphere quietly with its warm and soft lights. Babies will enjoy their bedtime and can sleep with the Projection Lamp on without any stimulation or disturbing. No longer worried about struggling with bedtime!

Night light & 6 Films Projector
Night light mode: Remove the inner film and put back the outer cover, a desk lamp that it will be. Projector mode: Remove the outer cover and put the film back, the Night Lights will project a complete Starry Sky and Ocean World onto the walls and ceilings of your kid's room. What's more, our Room Lights for Kids comes with 4 more film themes to develop kids' imagination and creativity, they are Galaxy, Wooden Horses, Happy Birthday, and Romantic Rose Garden.

Multi-color & 360° rotation
This Baby Lamp is built-in with 3 colors of LED - Warm White/ Blue/ Pure White. Kids can select a single color or multiple ones as they like. The 360° rotating design makes the Star Night Light Projector more interesting. Whether the kids want it to rotate dynamically or become static, the Baby Night Lights can show them an amazing space and vivid vision. Both babies and children would love to have one in their bedrooms.

It awesome Gift for Kids
Are you troubled with picking gifts for your child for Birthdays, Christmas, or other special occasions? Why not try our night lamp projector for once? It's not only a bedroom night light but also an ideal decoration for birthdays, parties and festival celebrations, etc. No matter whether your kid is a boy or a girl, no matter how old is he, the star sky projector is really a sweet gift for a kid's bedroom or anywhere else you'd like colorful projected stars, angels, animals, moon, and sea animals.

Package includes:
1 x Night Light Projector Lamp
6 x films
1 x USB cable

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