Wood Baby Bracelet Teether

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SAFE: All natural teething accessories are carefully crafted with soft, high quality BPA-free silicone beads&natural,organic beechwood so you can rest assured your baby is safe.

DESIGNED: Silicone and wood teethers fit easily in baby’s hands.Safe and healthy wooden pendant, chewable silicone bead bracelet.A large wooden beads printed with stars toy.

EFFECT: Soft beads massage teething gums and soothe teething symptoms while promoting healthy tooth development and stimulating motor and sensory skills.Help your baby focus while nursing and stay happy with natural teething pain relief.

FUNCTION: Can be used as a rattle, a teether or a cute toy for babies. Gentle rattling sounds soothe and engage the baby, drawing attention toward the direction of the sound. Suitable for highly sensitive hearing of new-born babies.

NOTE: We recommend using warm water and a mild soap for cleaning. Never submerge the rings under water as they can warp. Another great way to clean the teether's is with baby-safe, food-grade sanitizing wipes.

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